Agri-Gro® IgniteS2

  • Agri-Gro IgniteS2 is a soil and starter supplement that gives crops an early dose of energy for a great start; plants that have a fast and healthy start usually finish on top.
  • Application of Agri-Gro IgniteS2 in the soil helps to address nutrient deficiencies and other external stresses before they have a chance to affect health and overall stress resistance that can cause losses in crop quality and yield. Specifically, it helps to improve soil structure, increase fertilizer efficiency, improve germination and plant growth, boost yields and lower disease pressure.
  • When Agri-Gro IgniteS2 is applied as a part of a good crop nutrition management program, crops treated with Agri-Gro IgniteS2 are healthier and experience less disease pressure, benefit from improved nutrient availability, establish larger root systems with stronger stalks, and produce higher yields.  Putting it simply, Agri-Gro IgniteS2 helps a plant to reach its genetic yield potential by heightening performance of its internal functions that boost growth, increase nutrient uptake, and strengthen its natural defenses.
  • Agri-Gro IgniteS2 helps to build a healthy, disease suppressive growing environment. It does this by feeding your soil microbial life to ensure that, while other applied fertilizers can peter out, your crops continue to get the benefit of a sustained flow of plant-available nutrients made available by the microbes.
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