Agri-Gro® FoliarBlend

  • FoliarBlend is a synergistic blend of carbohydrates, plant essential macro- and micro-nutrients along with beneficial enzymes, amino acids and naturally occurring plant and soil stimulants.
  • Agri-Gro FoliarBlend is a liquid concentrate and should be diluted for best results. We recommend mixing Agri-Gro FoliarBlend in with your regular planting solution or foliar sprays. Use Agri-Gro FoliarBlend to reduce nutrient tie-up caused by herbicides. Use Agri-Gro FoliarBlend to decrease yield drag with the salicylic acid it contains, which helps to sustain a plant's natural system acquired resistance (SAR) which is often damaged by the use of herbicides. It can be applied along with your herbicides.
  • Agri-Gro FoliarBlend simply helps a plant to reach its genetic yield potential by boosting plant growth, increasing nutrient uptake, strengthening the plants' natural defense system and building a healthy, disease suppressive growing environment. Research has proven that crops treated with FoliarBlend are healthier and experience less disease pressure, have improved nutrient availability, establish larger root systems, grow stronger stalks and produce higher yields.
  • Agri-Gro FoliarBlend contains bio-stimulants, nutrients and other natural materials that not only stimulate biological life but also buffer the harmful side effects of glyphosate(Roundup). Containing complex carbohydrates, plant essential macro- and micro-nutrients, a proprietary blend of beneficial enzymes, amino acids and a host of naturally occurring plant and soil stimulants not found in ordinary fertilizers, FoliarBlend has a profound effect on both the plant and soil microbial environments.
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