Crop Lifters

Schumacher pulse crop lifters

Schumacher pulse crop lifters combine simple design with durability for your easy pulse crop harvest:

  • compact design and easy mounting guarantees tight fit on all types of guards (long slot)
  • length and angle of lifter finger is fully adjustable to allow for optimal working conditions
  • white color of lifter finger provides maximum visibility in all crop conditions
  • high quality material ensures extended durability of the lifter finger

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Schumacher Crop Lifters


  • Cut specialty crops & lodged strands easier with Schumacher Crop Lifters. Quick-tack and excellent choice for easy installing and removing. Spring steel construction
  • Works well in: lodged cereal crops, heavy vine crops, and hail damaged crops

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E-Kay Half Moon Lifters

  • Eliminate lost heads by lifting grain above cutting bar
  • Comes in two different spacers for peas and course grain
  • Extra spacers available for higher and lower fits
  • Rigid
  • Approximately 15″ long
  • 1/4″ thick metal

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