Custom Agricultural Light Bars

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  • This light bar consists of six durable Hella Lights. Mounted on our quick tach bar
  • 2 long range. The long range floods give good distance ahead (about 650' - 700')
  • 2 mid range. The mid range floods are normally aimed right and left to illuminate the last implement mark
  • 2 short range adjustable. The short range floods are mounted on the double jointed extension for easy adjustment forward, side, or rear lighting eliminating cab shadow to the rear
  • With multiple bases mounted on several field units (tractors, sprayers, combines, ect.) the bar may be moved from one to the other in about 2 minutes. Just undo one wing nut and unplug the wiring harness at the bar and you are ready to go to the next unit
  • It may also be easily removed to prevent theft if that is a problem
  • Both the Superbar 6 and Superbar 4 are sold with a money back guarantee. Try them for 2 or 3 nights and if you are not completely satisfied your money will be refunded. Your only cost is the shipping.

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