Harvesting Accessories

Custom Agricultural Light Bars

  • This light bar consists of six durable Hella Lights. Mounted on our quick tach bar
  • 2 long range. The long range floods give good distance ahead (about 650′ – 700′)
  • 2 mid range. The mid range floods are normally aimed right and left to illuminate the last implement mark
  • 2 short range adjustable. The short range floods are mounted on the double jointed extension for easy adjustment forward, side, or rear lighting eliminating cab shadow to the rear
  • With multiple bases mounted on several field units (tractors, sprayers, combines, ect.) the bar may be moved from one to the other in about 2 minutes. Just undo one wing nut and unplug the wiring harness at the bar and you are ready to go to the next unit
  • It may also be easily removed to prevent theft if that is a problem
  • Both the Superbar 6 and Superbar 4 are sold with a money back guarantee. Try them for 2 or 3 nights and if you are not completely satisfied your money will be refunded. Your only cost is the shipping.

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Shore Moisture Tester

  • MODEL 920™ Portable Grain Moisture Tester Features:

The Shore Model 920™ Moisture Tester for grain provides quick accurate moisture results for a large variety of commodities. Results are displayed directly without the need for moisture or temperature conversion tables.
The Model 920 uses a pre-weighed sample and a reliable sample loading mechanism to insure accurate, repeatable results with:

  • Proven measurement principles.
  • A cell design that makes it one of the most consistently accurate and economical moisture testers available.

This allows the Shore Model 920 to closely match the results of the moisture meters used by grain elevators.

The MODEL 920 features:

  • Rugged all-metal construction.
  • Moisture testing calibrations available for a large variety of commodities, including grains, processed and unprocessed rice, vegetable and grass seeds, oil seeds, peas and beans, peanuts and other specialized process commodities.
  • Powered by batteries or an AC included adapter.

The MODEL 920 Portable Moisture Tester package includes:

  • Moisture Tester
  • Portable Scale
  • Dump Cell
  • Calibration Weight
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Hard-Sided Travel Case


  • Environmental operating temperature range: +32° to +120° F. (+0° to +50° C.).
  • Measurement range (varies with commodity) with typical moisture ranges from 6% to 40%.
  • Sample temperature range: +22° to +160° F (+6° to 72° C.)
  • Sample test time: 5 to 35 seconds depending on sample temperature. Samples that are above 100° F. (38° C.) or below 40° F. (4° C.) will take a maximum of 35 seconds to allow for accurate temperature sensing. Samples closer in temperature to the meter will take only a few seconds.
  • Display: Large 8-character alphanumeric LCD display with backlight for use in low-level ambient light conditions.
  • Power requirements: 6 AA alkaline batteries or 9-volt AC adapter (included).
  • Battery life varies with usage. Alkaline batteries should provide six months to a year of intermittent use. Intermittent use is defined as less than 20 tests per week and infrequent usage of the display backlight.

For more information, contact us.

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Schumacher pulse crop lifters

Schumacher pulse crop lifters combine simple design with durability for your easy pulse crop harvest:

  • compact design and easy mounting guarantees tight fit on all types of guards (long slot)
  • length and angle of lifter finger is fully adjustable to allow for optimal working conditions
  • white color of lifter finger provides maximum visibility in all crop conditions
  • high quality material ensures extended durability of the lifter finger

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Schumacher Cutting System

  • Keeps cutting under more conditions with less breakage and no adjustment
  • Unlike any other cutting system
  • Every other section is upside down, hence no hold-downs to adjust
  • Spring steel guards
  • Allows faster cutting speeds
  • Less maintenance
  • Wobble boxes available, belt on hydraulic drive

Price: $0.00

Schumacher Crop Lifters


  • Cut specialty crops & lodged strands easier with Schumacher Crop Lifters. Quick-tack and excellent choice for easy installing and removing. Spring steel construction
  • Works well in: lodged cereal crops, heavy vine crops, and hail damaged crops

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E-Kay Half Moon Lifters

  • Eliminate lost heads by lifting grain above cutting bar
  • Comes in two different spacers for peas and course grain
  • Extra spacers available for higher and lower fits
  • Rigid
  • Approximately 15″ long
  • 1/4″ thick metal

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  • No moving parts except for rotor
  • Low maintenance, directly driven by hydraulic motor
  • Low profile, low mount, minimal stress on divider board
  • Install either on left or right side without internal changes
  • Adaptable to all combine and swather headers
  • Lower hydraulic installation cost
  • High speed cutting action – enhances blade life
  • When not required, ROTO-SHEAR remains in place with the use of the ROTO-SHEAR divider board
  • Quiet operating


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Feeder Chains Polymer Elastomer

  • Slats are made from a Polymer Elastomer with many advantages over steel and plastic. With its resistance to abrasion, bending, and breaking, it outlasts steel and plastic many times over.
  • No more bent slats. With their built-in memory they always return to their original position
  • The aggressive slat design will efficiently deliver material, resulting in better feeding and less grain loss because of reduced slugging.
  • No more expensive down time because of a broken steel slat entering the combine
  • When using the Elastomer Slats, there is less noise in the cab, as well as reduced wear on feeder-housing components
  • Slats are bolted for easy service.
  • Overall weight of the feeder chains is reduced by up to 60% to extend the life of the chains and bearings.
  • Available for most conventional and rotaries as a complete assembly

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Big Top – Hopper Extension

  •  Fits most major brands of harvesters
  • Able to fold down
  • Easy view grain level windows
  • Rust resistant full-length hinges
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Color match powder coat paint for extra durability

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Accu Sampler

  • Mounts on the side of any 6″ to 16″ grain auger to collect a continuous and representative grain sample while augering grain into or out of your bins
  • Safest, cleanest, and easiest means to get a representative grain sample
  • No more standing in grain dust, or dangerously leaning of reaching over an auger to collect a sample
  • Adjustable for virtually any grain to be sampled

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