• Flex-N-Seal is a liquid applied, flexible coating system that forms a continuous, seamless membrane that protects your bin and whatever is stored inside. Flex-N-Seal is a specially formulated acrylic latex reinforced with nylon fiber mesh. It can easily be applied with a paint brush.
  • Flexes, curves and bends with the contour of the bin.
  • An easy, effective and economical answer to keeping grain dry from moisture leak.
  • Can be applied while bins are empty or full
  • Increases drying efficiency
  • Won't crack! Reflects sunlight. Moves with the bin...can expand up to 300%
  • Can be used on take-out tubes, aeration ducts, bin doors, and all types of farm structures
  • Flex-N-Seal is available in 3 and 5 gallon pails.
  • Reinforcing roll of mesh (4" x 100')

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