Grain Handling

LevALERT Bin Indicator

  • Shows you the level of material in your bin while you remain safely on the ground
  • Whether you fill your bins once a year or several times a day, LevALERT is what you need
  • As your bin material reaches the LevALERT indicator, it pushes against the rubber activator, turning the color black to a bright yellow color. When material receeds it automatically darkens again.
  • Typical uses include: Agricultural grains and plastic pellets, fertilizer, minerals, various cement powders and sand, ect. (anything you’d store in a bin.

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The Remote Controlled Flex Spout-(Fab Tec)

The Fab Tec Remote Controlled Flex Spout is the most popular because of it’s versatility.  The Remote Controlled Flex Spout gives you 360 degrees control of the discharge spout at the end of you auger from ground level.  With the Remote Controlled Flex Spout you can fill a truck box without moving or climbing into your truck.  No more ‘too far to one side’ when filling.  It is also a big help when filling quonsets and rail cars.  Fits onto virtually any auger or conveyor.


  • (A) In addition to reaching the corners it also lets you control the flow of grain into your bins.  this means you won’t be moving the auger as much. 
  • (B) An adjustable cam-lock secures the spout in any position. 
  • (C) With nylon guides the Remote Controlled Flex Spout is easy to position and it is built to last.’

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E-Kay Bin Sweeps

    • Use as center unload or auger mount
    • Fold down handles
    • Needle bearing U-joint
    • Comes with multipurpose mounting hardware for center unload drag auger or auger mount bin sweep (when ordering, please specify)
    • Drive shaft or motor can be attached to any length section
    • Use in all bins: square, round, center unload, and aeration floors
    • Will not climb the pile
    • No need to be in the bin, just stand outside and watch
  • 35-B 7″ or 8″ – comes with three sections of flighting to do up to 19′ bin, hydraulic orbit motor, motor mount, and both types of sweep mounts. 7″ also available in a left hand model.
  • 35-C 7″ – our conversion kit, can be adapted to an existing hydraulic motor. 7″ also available in a left hand model.
  • HD45-B 8″ – Built especially for truckers. Comes complete with three sections of heavy duty 8″ flighting, heavy duty hydraulic orbit motor, and mounting accessories.
  • HD45-C 8″ – Conversion kit, can be adapted to an existing hydraulic motor.
    • Center unload bin sweep – Your Hydra Sweep can be converted to or from a center unload system just by ordering the special mounting bracket. Remove your drive shaft and standard sweep mounts, put on the dual purpose mount, connect the motor to the main shaft, and you are ready to go…..

Grain Sweep in Action!

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E-KAY No-Spill Auger Hopper

  • Easy lightweight installation to any auger.
  • Adjustable height to support the end of the auger.
  • Available for 7-8-10 & 12 inch augers.
  • Easy clamping system for installation on different augers.

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E-Kay Auger Mover

Auger Movers with a difference

  • Heavy duty double chain drive with positive spring pin engagement ensures traction in mud and snow.
  • Rigid A-frame design and Heavy Duty Castor wheel provides stability and easy maneuvering.
  • Sleek single removable castor wheel reduces weight on auger tube when towing.
  • User friendly pedestal is operational in both directions for easier handling.
  • Unique sleek design eliminates obstructions entering bins.
  • Easy access between posts on hopper bottom bins.
  • Variable speed design enhances safety.
  • Steel oil tank with 10 micron filter keeps oil clean and cool.
  • Winch drive package.


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  • Flex-N-Seal is a liquid applied, flexible coating system that forms a continuous, seamless membrane that protects your bin and whatever is stored inside. Flex-N-Seal is a specially formulated acrylic latex reinforced with nylon fiber mesh. It can easily be applied with a paint brush.
  • Flexes, curves and bends with the contour of the bin.
  • An easy, effective and economical answer to keeping grain dry from moisture leak.
  • Can be applied while bins are empty or full
  • Increases drying efficiency
  • Won’t crack! Reflects sunlight. Moves with the bin…can expand up to 300%
  • Can be used on take-out tubes, aeration ducts, bin doors, and all types of farm structures
  • Flex-N-Seal is available in 3 and 5 gallon pails.
  • Reinforcing roll of mesh (4″ x 100′)

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