Precision Farm Parts, Inc. » Products » Combine Performance Upgrades » John Deere » STS series - LI'L BRUTE CONCAVES
  • Heavy duty half-size concave - takes 6 to replace 3 OEM concaves
  • Concaves match JD concaves so 2 may be purchased to replace one OEM concave at a time
  • Lightweight (65#) and sturdy, will maintain shape
  • Bolt-on front feed lip - can switch concaves to extend wear
  • 1/4" wires allows for extended wear
  • Wire spacing available in four widths: extra narrow, narrow, wide, and corn
  • Use extra narrow concaves to control white caps, and use narrow, wide, and corn concaves for all other applications
  • Reduces the need for cover plates, increasing capacity and reducing rotor loss

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