N & R Series – 25” DIAMETER ROTOR

Precision Farm Parts, Inc. » Products » Combine Performance Upgrades » Gleaner » N & R Series - 25'' DIAMETER ROTOR
  • Completely enclosed - no dirt build up
  • High inertia, dynamically balanced - no vibration
  • Progressive 4x7 pattern uses fewer bars - less stem damage and less chaffer loading
  • Threshes quicker, separates sooner, reduces rotor loss
  • Handles weeds and straw bunches with ease
  • Wider cylinder to concave clearances possible
  • Rotor speeds may be reduced in some conditions
  • Reduces strain on gear box, rotor belt, main clutchshaft, and separator clutch
  • Allows chipping the engine (L-10 & M-11 engines) without damage to threshing drive components
  • Bars available: heat treated, chrome plated, or chrome alloy

Price: $0.00

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